Warranty and Returns


Controller Works is a small business engaged in designing, building, and selling custom ergonomic keyboards and accessories to your unique specifications. It requires hundreds of hours of work to design the keyboards, source parts, assemble them, and provide support. We use our own capital (money) to fund production and do not put our customers’ money at risk for pre-ordering products. Each piece we make is an “electronic work of art” that was assembled and tested by the designer and sent to you with a hand written note. We realize that our products are expensive and we will make every effort to give you a fantastic experience. In the event that you have questions or concerns about our products please refer to the support, warranty, and return policies below.

General Support

The preferred way to contact us for support or questions is on the #support channel on our Discord server. We also answer support questions through the store chat window and via e-mail.  Free support is offered on a “best effort” basis. You may be directed to other documentation or user communities for software questions, as appropriate. Please read the documentation and search the Discord server for answers to your question before posting new questions.

Warranty Conditions

Hardware is warranted for flaws in materials and workmanship for 30 days from the date of delivery. Software is provided “as-is” with no warranty. All systems are tested thoroughly prior to shipment. The warranty covers using the included connector cables, and pre-installed switches only. Customer installation of key caps with pre-installed switches is covered under warranty. Opening the case or modifying the hardware in any way will void the warranty. Customer or 3rd party switch installation is not covered under warranty.

We will try to resolve warranty claims via Discord, e-mail, or the store chat window. If we cannot resolve the issue then we will issue an RMA letter.  Return instructions will be included in the RMA letter. Due to the custom nature of our products we may offer store credit for a similar item or a cash refund if the product cannot be repaired.

Returns and Exchanges 

Product returns and exchanges will only be accepted after an RMA (return merchandise authorization) letter has been issued by Controller Works. Any unauthorized returns or exchanges become the property of Controller Works, LLC. 

Undeliverable Products

Products returned as undeliverable for any reason (wrong address, import duty not paid, etc) will be held for re-delivery for up to 30 days. Undeliverable products can be re-shipped at customer expense. After the 30 day holding period the undeliverable products become the property of Controller Works.

Payment of customs duty is always the responsibility of the customer.


Products can only be returned for a refund after an RMA has been issued. Non-warranty refunds are only available for 15 days from the delivery date. Return shipping must be done at customer expense.  Refunds are provided only for products in like-new condition after inspection and testing. Shipping charges are non-refundable.  Refunds are provided less a 20% restocking fee.  The restocking fee covers our testing, packaging, payment processing, and other expenses.


We are proud to partner with Purple Dot to offer pre-orders for our products that are soon to be in stock. Pre-orders are not charged until the products are in stock, tested, and ready to be fulfilled. Unlike with “group buys” your money is not at risk due to production issues. In stock items purchased in the same order as pre-ordered items will be billed immediately and held until all items in the order are in stock, unless the customer requests separate shipping. The pre-order system is not compatible with PayPal. We provide status updates on builds for pre-orders on Discord.