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mini36 Low Profile Ergonomic Keyboard

mini36 Low Profile Ergonomic Keyboard

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NO SOLDERING REQUIRED! The mini36 is a 36 key low profile ergonomic split keyboard with a layout inspired by the Corne (CRKBD). Key features include:

  • Pre-built, fully integrated design: RP2040 processor, OLED display, and connectors are integrated with the main board for a slim 8mm thickness for the main case body.
  • CNC milled anodized aluminum case
  • Per-key LEDs and LED back lighting
  • Shine-through filigree style back plate finished in real gold
  • "Chocolate" spacing: switches are spaced 18mm (width) x 17mm (height) apart
  • USB-C and TRRS connectors have over-current and ESD protection
  • Hot-swap sockets
  • Pre-loaded with QMK Firmware with Vial support
  • Premium construction: RoHS components, lead-free solder paste on all PCBs. Back plates are finished in gold.

Powered by QMK Firmware


  • Left and right keyboard halves with integrated micro-controllers, OLED displays, and connectors
  • TRRS cable

Required for Operation:

  • 36 Kailh "Chocolate" switches
  • 34 Kailh "Chocolate" 1u keycaps
  • 2 Kailh "Chocolate" 1.5u keycaps
  • 1 USB-C cable

Product Comparison

Feature mini36 Low Profile Corne Chocolate
Soldering Pre-built DIY
Depends on micro-controller board, TRRS
Processor RP2040 ATMega32U4
Program Memory 16 MB 1 KB
Clock 133 MHz 16 MHz
Firmware QMK
Keymap Via/Vial/QMK Configurator Via
Spacing Chocolate MX
Lighting Per-key and back-light Per-key and back-light optional
Display OLED integrated OLED module
Backplate Gold shine-through filigree PCB PCB
Switches Kailh Chocolate only
Keycaps Chocolate spacing only MX spacing
Circuit Protection ESD and over-current on USB-C and TRRS N/A


*** Please note that there may be light tooling marks in the interior of the case. This is expected.


Shipping & Returns

International shipping can be complex. Please ask on chat for custom shipping quotes for international orders. Key cap sets can be shipped in a small bag or in the original packaging for an additional charge.


Care Instructions

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