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MBK Glow Keycap Set

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The MBK Glow keycap set is made of PU coated ABS. Shine-through legends work well for keyboards with per-key LEDs or backlighting. Each set includes specially shaped homing keys, and both concave and convex blank keys. These keycaps work ONLY with Kailh Chocolate v1 low profile switches. They are not compatible with MX switches. These keycaps are ideally sized for Chocolate spaced keyboards (1u keys have 18mm horizontal and 17mm vertical spacing).

 Type Size Quantity
1u shine-through legends 17.5mm x 16.5mm 94
1u homing f, j, t, u, h, n, 5 7
1u blank 2
1.5u concave 26.5mm x 16.5mm 10
1.5u convex 2
2u convex 35.5mm x 16.5mm 4
Total 119