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Kailh Low Profile Pudding Keycap Set

Kailh Low Profile Pudding Keycap Set

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*** Please note that this set is not known to fit any full size OEM keyboards, such as those from Logitech, etc. ***

The Kailh Low Profile Pudding keycap set is made of PU coated ABS. Shine-through legends work well for keyboards with per-key LEDs or backlighting. These keycaps work ONLY with Kailh Chocolate v1 low profile switches. They are not compatible with MX switches. These keycaps are ideally sized for Chocolate spaced keyboards (1u keys have 18mm horizontal and 17mm vertical spacing). The set contains 104 pieces.

Key caps sets shipped within the USA go out in a large gift box and key cap tray. There are international shipping options for shipping in a bag (lower cost) and shipping in the original packaging (very expensive). If the shipping estimate seems wrong please contact us and we can make you a custom invoice.


Shipping & Returns

International shipping can be complex. Please ask on chat for custom shipping quotes for international orders. Key cap sets can be shipped in a small bag or in the original packaging for an additional charge.


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