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Corne DC Low Profile Split Keyboard v1

Corne DC Low Profile Split Keyboard v1

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The Corne DC ("Double Chocolate") split keyboard is a variant of the famous CRKBD Chocolate design by foostan. The Corne DC variant makes the following changes to the original Corne Chocolate design:
• Hot-swap sockets for Kailh Chocolate v1 (PG1350) and v2 (PG1353) switches.
• FR4 (PCB material) back plate with maze design.
• Per-key back-lighting with easier to solder SK6812 mini-e LEDs.
• Maintains Corne Chocolate layout and MCU position.
• Slightly larger PCBs for greater edge clearance with hot-swap sockets.
• Lead-free solder, ENIG surface finish, and RoHS components for reduced risk to human health and the environment.
• MX spacing.
• LEDs are relocated and spaced further apart to allow for partial automated assembly.


  • Left and right main PCBs fully assembled with underglow and per-key RGB LEDs
  • (2) FR4 switch plates
  • (2) Socketed Pro-Micro compatible microcontroller with mid-mount USB-C connectors
  • Deluxe back plates with gold surface finish
  • (1) TRRS cable
  • (2) OLED screens
  • QMK VIA firmware pre-installed
  • Fully assembled with brass hardware and lead-free solder

Not included (required):

  • (1) USB-C cable
  • (42) Kailh Chocolate v1 or v2 switches
  • (42) keycaps. Inner thumb switches can accept up to 1.5u caps. Choc v1 switches work with Choc v1 caps only while Choc v2 work with low-profile caps with MX stems such as those with DSA profile.


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