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mini42 Low Profile Ergonomic Keyboard Proto

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NO SOLDERING REQUIRED! The mini42 is a 42 key low profile ergonomic split keyboard designed for Kailh Chocolate switches. Key features include:

  • Pre-built, fully integrated design: RP2040 processor, OLED display, and connectors are integrated with the main board for a slim 8mm thickness for the main case body.
  • CNC milled silver anodized aluminum case
  • Per-key LEDs and LED back lighting
  • Shine-through filigree style back plate finished in real gold
  • "Chocolate" spacing: switches are spaced 18mm (width) x 17mm (height) apart
  • USB-C and TRRS connectors have over-current and ESD protection
  • Hot-swap sockets
  • Pre-loaded with KMK Firmware
  • Premium construction: RoHS components, lead-free solder paste, and gold surface finishes used on all PCBs
  • Please note that the prototype units have one serial connection between the halves, while the production version will have two serial channels. The bidirectional version will have slightly more features for split keyboards when enabled in the firmware.


  • Left and right keyboard halves with integrated micro-controllers, OLED displays, and connectors
  • TRRS cable

Required for Operation:

  • 42 Kailh "Chocolate" switches
  • 40 Kailh "Chocolate" 1u keycaps
  • 2 Kailh "Chocolate" 1.5u keycaps
  • 1 USB-C cable

Product Comparison

Feature mini42 Low Profile Corne Chocolate
Soldering Pre-built DIY
Depends on micro-controller board, TRRS
Processor RP2040 ATMega32U4
Program Memory 16 MB 1 KB
Clock 133 MHz 16 MHz
Firmware KMK (QMK on roadmap) QMK
Keymap text edit
Spacing Chocolate MX
Lighting Per-key and back-light Per-key and back-light optional
Display OLED integrated OLED module
Backplate Gold shine-through filigree PCB PCB
Switches Kailh Chocolate only
Keycaps Chocolate spacing only MX spacing
Circuit Protection ESD and over-current on USB-C and TRRS N/A


*** Please note that there may be light tooling marks in the interior of the case. This is expected.