Corne OB FAQ

How do I build QMK firmware for it?

You must add the following to the beginning of your config.h file based on which side you want plugged into USB:

// #define MASTER_RIGHT

Is the design open source?

The keyboard is software-compatible with open source QMK CRKB firmware. The hardware is closed source.

How do I use the keyboard?

The keyboard keymap can be configured using Via or Vial. Connect both sides using the included TRRS cable. Then plug the USB cable to your system. The keyboard will be detected by the configuration software. Advanced users can build their own QMK firmware.

Where is the reset switch?

The reset switch is in a hole in the underside of the case. The hole looks like an empty screw hole. Press the reset button using a toothpick or other small item.

What switches can I use?

The Corne OB supports only Kailh Chocolate v1 (PG1350) switches. Three and five pin switches are supported.

What keycaps can I use? What is the spacing of the keyboard?

The Corne OB uses "chocolate spacing" with keys spaced 18mm horizontally and 17mm vertically. MBK and Kailh pudding keycaps are supported. Kailh transparent keycaps are not supported because they are MX sized. Cherry MX keycaps are not supported.

Can I damage the keyboard by unplugging the TRRS connector? What happens if I zap the main board with static electricity?

The Corne OB has both ESD (electrostatic discharge) and over-current protection (fuses) on the USB and TRRS connectors. This should protect the main board from discharges or improper connections. It is still recommended that you fully connect the TRRS cable to both sides before connecting or disconnecting the USB cable. If the main board is somehow damaged, the entire main board would need to be replaced.

Does the keyboard support wireless connections?

No. Wireless is not supported by the built-in processor.

How do I get support?

The best way to get support is by communicating on the Controller Works Discord server.

What is the product warranty policy?

The product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from purchase. The buyer is responsible for return shipping. All keyboards are tested before being sent to the customer. If hardware is returned it will be repaired and sent back. If repairs cannot be made due to a lack of replacement parts store credit will be offered. Please be aware that some items for sale are unique and cannot be directly replaced.